Cooked Meat Platters

£27.50 per Platter

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Each generous Platter serves 4-6 people. All are served with a fresh salad garnish.

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All cooked meat platters are created on the premises. We only try to use locally sourced meat which is free range and well cared for.

  • Smoked BBQ Chicken wings & thighs
  • Paprika Chicken wings & thighs
  • BBQ Baby back Ribs
  • BBQ pulled pork
  • Local Sliced Roast Turkey
  • Local Sliced Suffolk Smoked Ham

*We cover all our cooked meat platters and label them with the item inside. All platters are refrigerated before delivery which may cause a little bit of condensation on the lid. Once put out they are good for four hours at room temperature. After 4 hours they need to be discarded.