Homemade Salad Platters

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Luxurious Creamy Coleslaw – Crisp cabbage, shredded carrots, onions & creamy mayo
Mexican Coleslaw – Shredded cabbage white and red, Pomegranate, Sultanas, Carrot, onion
& chef inspired mayo
Cherry Tomato & Feta Salad – Juicy cherry tomatoes, Feta, olive oil & seasoning
Potato Salad – New potatoes, creamy mayo, spring onions & chives
Pasta Salad – Fusilli pasta, creamy mayo, chopped peppers & red onion
Creamy Bacon Pasta Salad – Fusilli pasta, creamy mayo, sour cream, chopped rindless
bacon, sweetcorn & spring onion
Tuna Pasta Salad – Tuna, fusilli pasta, sweetcorn, avocado, tomatoes, red onion and creamy
Fresh salad platter